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How to Select the Best Gas Grill Under $500

Are thinking of buying the best gas grill under $500? Well, there are several factors you need to consider. That is because there are actually many gas grills that cost less that $500. However, price is just one of the things you should consider. If you are grilling on a daily basis, then your grill should be able to serve you for at least three years. A grill cooks food by applying direct dry heat from below. That means it is subjected to a lot of heat during its entire lifespan. That means if it is poorly constructed, then it will not last long enough to give you your return on investment. You should consider the following factors before you buy a gas grill.

Construction Material Used

You need to look at what kind of material the grill is made up of and if the grill is sturdily constructed. You can check that by physically opening the grilling and feeling the construction materal used. You can also read other buyer’s review on consumer sites.


The burners are what produce the heat in a gas grill grill. They should be able to burn fuel effcieicntly to produce maximum heat. They contribute immensely to the energy star rating a gas grill device gets. They are also replaceable once they are worn-out. You need to keep them always clean by getting rid of soot or particle deposits that may have fallen on them. They should therefore be easy to clean. It is possible to get gas burner grills under $500 and they will be of great quality as long as you buy from an approved supplier.

Cooking Space

Cooking space in a gas grill is a factor that also determines how big it is and how much you will pay for it. Generally, you should gauge the size of the one you want to buy based on the number of people you plan to cook for now, and in the near future. You should buy a small grill if you aim to cook for 18 people or fewer. Therefore, a family should probably buy a small grill.

Safety Concerns

You need to make sure that the grill meets national safety standards. It should be easy to turn on and off and there should be no reports of fires caused by poor workmanship of that grill. Such reviews can easily be found on sites such as Amazon. Once you have established that there are no safety concerns, you can then go ahead and choose the grill based on its price.

Overall, choosing the best gas grill under $500 is as important as choosing your home. You need to look at other factors before you consider the price. It is always important to find out what has been sacrificed to be able to lower the price. Some manufacturers may for example choose to install gas grills that will only serve you for a short period of time. Others may choose to use a lighter material to build the grill housing.The price is always indicative of the service you will get from the product.