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Garment Steamer: The New Garment Iron

Who would ever think that a clothing steam iron could possibly have competition? A garment steamer is a very impressive alternative that is available in three different styles: floor model, hand-held, and a tool that is included as an accessory with a steam cleaner. Steamers are available in many shapes and sizes, but their basic function is the same – a wand head that blows out hot steam. It operates via heat and water vapor which are used to smooth out wrinkles in clothing. Garment steamers are quick, easy and budget friendly in removing wrinkles from clothing, as well as other things at home made from fabrics. There are a few things that you must learn in how to use a garment steamer, but once you have learned, your garments will look like a professional cleaners’ worked on your clothing.

Learning how to use a garment steamer is to understand that it emits steam with the use of regular water from your sink, which is heated and waved over your clothes like a wand. The steam loosens the molecules within the fabric which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. A large garment steamer is designed with a water tank, a long metal rod, a rubber hose, and an attached head. Water is added to the tank for heating, which turns into vapor or steam. Compact or hand-held clothing steamers also uses a water tank, but it is very small and is connected directly to the steam wand or blower, but without a hose or a rod.

In learning how to use a garment steamer, a garment’s thickness and a steamer’s steaming power are two components that effect how well they work. The thicker a garment, like polyester is, the more time it will take to get the wrinkles out, while light fabrics like cotton or linen, wrinkles disappear in seconds. Garment steamers are powered in watts, which range from 200 to more than 1,000 watts. Naturally, hand-held steamers use less watts than a floor model.

In learning how to use a garment steamer, here is a good tip:

  1. Hang up your garment in an area that allows you to move your clothing around for steaming.
  2. Always follow the garment steamer instruction manual, which starts with filling the steamer with a water source of your choice. Then plug in the steamer.
  3. Turn on the steamer and let it heat up properly. When steam is shooting out from the head, it is ready! Allowing the steamer to really heat up will prevent any sputtering.
  4. With one hand, gently pull on the garment from the bottom, but giving it some tautness. With your other hand, move the steamer head slowly in upwards strokes very close to the clothing. Moving the steamer head in a vertical movement, also allows the condensation in the steamer hose to flow back down and not to dribble out.
  5. Move the head quickly and evenly across the fabric with the head of the steamer barely touching the clothes. If there are decorative items on your clothing, do not use the steam near them, it could damage fragile decorative designs.

Further operational tips in how to use a garment steamer is that you must not overfill the steamer and do not let it run dry. Also, when you are done with getting the wrinkles out of your garments, empty the excess water and let it cool down before storing it away. DO NOT have your hands or your body close to the steam because you will get severely burned!